Outpatient Clinic at Sunnyvale

The Valley Health Center at Sunnyvale, California is part of a larger campaign by the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital system to extend comprehensive primary care services to the outlying communities of Santa Clara County. The building provides comprehensive primary health services as well as a mix of county health services including programs in mental health, public health, women and infant care, and drug and alcohol dependency. This Center was designed concurrently with two other Health Centers using a modular approach and employing a common architectural language. In Sunnyvale a small site dictated a compact, three-story building that is fronted by an iconic triple height entry rotunda. The building is organized around a clinic module concept that establishes the organizing logic of the building,provides for functional zoning,clarity of circulation, and ease of way-finding.   

Our Principal was part of the project team at Anshen+Allen and was intimately involved in Interior Architecture and Medical Planning, client user group meetings, and detailing through 100% Construction Documents. She was additionally responsible for Code Analysis, Fire and Life-safety drawings and diagrams, consultant coordination, and specifications review.